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Massage Therapies

We tailor our massages to your needs. These are a combination of relaxing Swedish massage, acupressure and deep tissue techniques, designed to ease out tight muscles and relax the mind. Just pick the amount of time you would like to spend with us.

30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
75 minutes

This extra long massage allows us the time to focus the massage exactly where it is needed. Whether it's extra time on the back, legs, scalp or face. You will leave with all your stress and tension dissolved away.

ESPA Total Body Care

Skin brushing and exfoliation is followed by a full body massage with ESPA oils of your choice. Including a relaxing scalp massage and pressure point massage to your face.


ESPA Exfoliating Body Polish

Body brushing, exfoliation and application of ESPA oil of your choice to eliminate dead skin cells, smoth and moisturise your skin. Great before or after a holiday or for a general boost. 45 minutes.


ESPA De-toxifying Algae Wrap

Body brushing and exfoliation begin this invigorating system cleansing treatment. Essential oils to aid elimination of toxins and algae rich in minerals are applied over the body. Firming, softening and healing. 90 minutes.


ESPA Stimulating hip and thigh treatment

Helps to combat troublesome areas with specialised hands on lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage technqiues. Helps boost the movement of lymph and improve circulation, stimulating the natural elimination process and creating a feeling of well-being. 75 minutes.