Treatment Menu & Price List - 2017

Massage and Holistic Therapies
Full body massage
Your whole body is massaged with espa essential oils of your choice. Relieves tension and stress in aching muscles, nourishes the skin and promotes a sense of well being. 1hr.

Back, neck and shoulder massage
Using Espa oils to ease areas of tension and relieve stress. 30 mins.

Back, neck shoulder and scalp massage
As above, but finishing with a very relaxing pressure point massage on the scalp. Very soothing and excellent for headaches. 45 mins.

Indian head massage
Deeply relaxing and calming treatment. Releases stress and tension in the face, neck and head. Particularly beneficial for sufferers of insomnia, headaches and sinusitis. 45 mins.

Hopi ear candles
Relaxing and very gentle solution to treat ear and sinus problems. Especially if you suffer from blocked ears. Very good for swimmers. 30 mins.

A centuries old therapy which involves a pressure point massage to the feet. The feet are covered in reflex points which when massaged increase the energy and blood flow around the body unblocking energy channels which helps to re-balance and harmonise the body. Can be used to treat problems from insomnia, depression, pmt and sciatica. It is also an excellent preventative therapy and an extremely relaxing experience. 1hr.

Espa total body care
Skin brushing and exfoliation is followed by a full body massage with espa oils of your choice. Including a relaxing scalp massage and pressure point massage to your face. 1hr 45 mins.

Espa holistic total body care with hot stone therapy
Begins with body brushing and exfoliation. the full body massage is then carried out incorporating hot basalt stones. The effects are deeply calming, soothing and comforting and gives a deeper, therapeutic relief to muscle tension and can physically help to energise the body. 2hrs.

Espa exfoliating body polish
Body brushing, exfoliation and application of espa oil of your choice to eliminate dead skin cells, smooth and moisture your skins. Great before or after a holiday or for a general boost. 45 mins.

Espa detoxifying algae wrap
Body brushing and exfoliation begin this invigorating system cleansing treatment. Essential oils to aid elimination of toxins and algae rich in minerals are applied over the body. Firming, softening and healing. 90 mins.

Espa stimulating hip and thigh treatment
Helps to combat troublesome areas with specialised hands on lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage techniques. Helps boost the movement of lymph and improve circulation, stimulating the natural elimination process and creating a feeling of well being. 75 mins.

Please let us know no later than 24 hours before your appointment if you need to cancel, so we can offer your treatment time to someone else.