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Wow so this is new, I’ve never really understood the whole ‘Blogging’ thing but have been advised its a nice thing to be involved in, and as i love to talk, seemed like a good idea!!!!

Coming towards the end of the year its a nice time to look back on a year which has seen quite a big change here at Urban Retreat.

Six months ago I was introduced to, and fell in love with a new brand of products and therapies called ‘ilapothecary’. I would like to add that I discovered the range before the Duchess of Sussex and the subsequent A list celebs who have taken these products to their hearts.

After an invitation to go to London and experience personally one of the tailor made therapies it was a done deal, decision was made. As I like to be different and ilapothecary wasn’t a range initially designed to be used by therapists, other than the ones at Their flag ship apothecary store in London, they kindly put together two days of bespoke training for Sarah and I, and I can proudly say we are the first therapists to be offering these quite incredible therapies outside of London and we LOVE them.https://www.ilapothecary.com

You can check out all of these new therapies on the treatment menus on our site. xx

I have recently been away to Leeds for a week to do some Yin Yoga teacher training which was the most wonderful week. Some of you have hopefully have already experienced some benefit from some of the yoga postures i have shown you after your massages! and it something I will be working more with through next year, more info to follow.

Unsettling times and challenges

Who could possibly have imagined that 4 months on from my first blog that the world would be on lock down. That the streets, towns and cities are silent while a mega battle is taking place in hospitals around the world to treat people and the save the lives of as many people as possible who have contracted this new virus Covid-19. These amazing people from porters,technicians, nurses, Doctors, Anesthetists and surgeons who are putting themselves at risk everyday to do everything they possibly can to fight this, its very humbling.

So my business has closed temporarily, after 26 years its hard, i have never had any time off work apart from planned holidays, and i have been lucky that since leaving further education in 1989 I have never been out of full time work. Having some sort of routine and a schedule whilst at home is vital to me, although today, day 10 of lockdown i have been a bit more tardy!!! I have been trying to make myself useful by doing grocery shopping for my elderly neighbours and my parents, but have also been allowing myself the time to get stuck into my Yin yoga practice and think about how i want to develop that in the future.

Posting videos on facebook is so not my thing, however a few clients asked it would post some helpful yoga postures to keep them going during this time. Its been a really useful experience for me, a really good lesson and confidence building, if you want to check out these videos they are all on my @urbanretreatnorwich faceBook page

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    • Thank you so much for your kind comments.
      If you haven’t already, please check out my UrbanRetreatNorwich Facebook page. It is an easier way for me to stay connected with my clients during this very unsettled period.
      Keep well and safe, Michelle

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