Holistic Therapies & Modern Day remedies

Natural Lift Facial Massage
Natural face lift massage incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques drawn from Japanese and Indian face massage. The massage involves a sequence of massage technqiues which act as a natural face lift with no need for surgery. This specifically designed treatment uses a combination of techniques to improve the complexion, remove toxins, prevent and reduce facial wrinkles and age spots, and helping improve overall health.£32.00
Indian Head Massage 
Deeply relaxing and calming treatment. Releases stress and tension in the face, neck and head. Particularly beneficial for suffers of insomnia, headaches and sinusitis. 45 minutes.£32.00
A centuries old therapy which involves a pressure point massage to the feet. The feet are covered in reflex point which when massaged increase the energy and blood flow around the body, unblocking energy channels which helps to re-balance and harmonise the body. Can be used to treat problems from insomnia, depression, pmt, sciatica. It is also an excellent preventative therapy and an extremely relaxing experience. 60 minutes.£34.00
Urban Equilibrium 
This amazingly powerful treatment combination works to completely balance the body and soothe the mind. Starting with reflexology, moving int the natural face lift massage and finishing with a stress relieving should massage. 120 minutes.£65.00
Bespoke You 
Not sure what therapies would be best for you! Let me tailor make your very own treatment. Following a consultation, Michelle will be able to create your own personal treatment combination to get the best results possible from your time with us. Between reflexology, ilapothecary treatments, massage, natural face lift massage and beautiful facials you will have your own treatment experience. You may be sent away with some homework… Relaxation and mindfulness techniques or muscle easing stretches or personal Yin Yoga plan, you will spend between 120 and 150 minutes with me depending on your needs.£80.00

ilapothecary Happy hormone equilibrium

A back massage with a big difference, using essential oils to help balance the female hormone system and a powerful adaptogenic Castor oil packing system to support the kidneys and reproductive system. With the Castor oil we use Shatavarti, this contiains natural phyto-oestrogen hormone precursors that help women to: maintain a healthy reproductive system and optimum energy, promote fertility, strengthen the uterus, regulate menstruation, alleviate many symptoms of the menopause.

In addition to Shatavarti, we use Rhodiola Rosea, which optimises the levels of seratonin in the hypothalamus and midbrain, and the amount of dopamine in the body. this results in reduced stress levels and fatigue, as well as increased fertility and mental performance. 60mins £62.00

ilapothecary Digestion Restoration

Traditional systems of medicine tell us that the abdomen is the powerhouse of the body and that all ailments result from an imbalance in the abdominal area. 80% of our immune system originates in the gut, and many modern day ailments can be helped and often cured through the digestive system.

This abdominal treatment will work to detoxify the digestive system, relax the diaphragm and stimulate the vagus nerve. as the main nerve of the para-sympathetic nervous system-it controls sleep, repair and digestion. We use a warmed castor oil packing system after an abdominal massage with extracts of Liquorice, Pfaffia and Juniper berry to stimulate, detoxify and strengthen. try this treatment for any abdominal issues such as : constipation, IBS, irregular or painful menstrual cycles, lower back pain, low energy levels in the body’s vital organs. 60mins £62.00

ilapothecary SOS Immune system restore

Therapy as a remedy… To combat viral illness, colds, coughs, respiratory allergies, post illness exhaustion, we must boost and support the immune system. In this unique treatment we will customise the session to your ailments and issues, working with a combination of ; steam inhalation, sinus decongestion, lymphatic drainage massage, nervous system re-balance and foot reflexology. This will help to open a window of clarity and deep healing rest. 60mins £62.00