At Urban retreat we are so lucky to currently be the only therapy centre outside of London to offer the award winning ilapothecary therapies and products.

ilapothecary offers a cutting edge synergy of Herbology, naturopathy, phyto-actives and homeopathy. These products are infused with powerful remedial ingredients to counteract urban stressors, environmental and digital pollution, mental stress, hormonal imbalance and body fatigue. Formulations include an incredibly potent and effective synergy of British grown plants with a long history of healing, such as Borage and Thyme, and medicinal flowers such as Rose Geranium, powerful gemstones, live flower stem cells, silk, vitamins, aromatherapy oils and homeopathic ingredients.

Created for the busy, modern women, man and family, these products uplift, nurture and balance mind, body, skin and soul; and help calm the nervous system, strengthen, hydrate and heal.

All products are lovingly handmade in a barn in the Cotswolds, blended in small fresh batches, using simple techniques based on an intuitive and heartfelt approach.

100% natural with minimal to no use of water.

Cruelty free and free from all chemicals and preservatives.

All of the ilapothecary therapies we offer are completely beautiful, relaxing and multi-layered experiences. Skin looks instantly renewed and radiant and bodies and minds feel balanced and recharged.