What is reflexology? Reflexology is a non-intrusive, relaxing complementary therapy which is based on the theory that different points on the feet,lower leg,hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body.

Reflexology is for everyone men, women and children. Regardless of your health, reflexology is beneficial for our general well being. In modern society where time pressures and social expectations demand we constantly juggle a dozen things at a time. It is important to give time to yourself to relax, heal and recuperate. Here at Urban Retreat we have two very experienced Reflexologists, both Members of the Association of Reflexologists. Between them they have special interests and extra advanced training to help auto immune disorders such as ME/CFS and women’s health including pre-conception and maternity reflexology.

Reflexologists believe that working these points or areas aids relaxation and helps improve wellbeing. Due to the pressures that can run along side our 21st century lives many of us have times when these pressures may feel excessive. If stress levels remain high for extended periods of time, wellbeing can be affected and there can then be detrimental effects of the body, including changes in some hormone levels. Hormones are essential for women’s health but they can also effect the mind and emotions. It can be easy for women to find themselves in a vicious circle; stress can lead to abnormal levels of hormones and changes in these hormones can leave you more susceptible to stress, so it is particularly important for women to recognise and address stress levels of prevent any detrimental effects. Stress can also get in the way of your fertility.

A hormone which is released in response to stress called Cortisol can cause the release of an inhibiting hormone that reduces The production of follicle stimulating hormones and Luteinising hormone. Both of these hormones are integral to the release of the egg and the implantation of embryo after fertilisation. In other words, feeling stressed maybe detrimental to the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. If you are trying to conceive, reflexology can help support you and your partner both physically and emotionally – whether you have just started trying to conceive or have been trying for a while. If you have been given a clearly defined and diagnosis and are offered treatment, you will probably want to go ahead and take that route. However, if you are given the diagnosis of unexplained infertility, this can be very frustrating with no clear problem to focus on with no clear way forward. You may still be offered medical treatment but may decide to allow the natural route more time.

This will be a personal decision, often based on the age of the female partner. Whatever happens, you may find that you and/or your partner would value support at this time, both on a physical and emotional level. Having reflexology will provide you with relaxation and stress reduction,this in itself can be beneficial for conception, as mentioned earlier reflexology gives you an opportunity to take time out for yourself. Your reflexologist will also provide a listening ear which may be very comforting at a time when you may have few friends and family that you wish to confide in. Reflexology can help women’s health in so many ways. Reflexologists are there to support the whole person not just the symptoms. Acknowledging that everyone is unique and everyone reacts differently to the treatment. However, there has been some positive research carried out on issues particularly relevant to women such as; Reducing intensity and duration of menstrual pain. Improving sleep and psychological ratings associated with PMS. reducing anxiety. Improved mood and sense of well-being. Relieving constipation. * references for these studies can be found on the association of reflexologists website.

If you’re at a stage where you think your well-being could be improved or it feels like hormones and all stresses are beginning to ruin your life maybe time to consider reflexology. Reflexology is a very easy treatment to receive you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks during the treatment the therapist will use her thumbs, knuckles and fingers to apply pressure to the feet and lower leg. It is usually a wonderfully relaxing treatment to experience.