Lovely to meet you.

Michelle Howard

”I want to help to give you tools to create your own path to feeling amazing”

I have been a holistic therapist for nearly 30 years. Creating bespoke therapies by using a combination of massage, reflexology, body & facial therapies with deep roots grounded in homeopathy,aromatherapy and Ayurveda. These beautiful therapies allow me to address the needs you may have, at the very moment you step into my treatment space.

It is my belief that holistic therapies and yoga work in complete symbiosis with one another.

I have had a passion for yoga for over 25 years and recently fulfilled my dream of becoming a certified yoga instructor. My own practice has helped me to grow stronger in mind and body both on and off the yoga mat.

I am so happy to now have a beautiful yoga space to share with you and help guide you in a practice which is completely yours.

Working 121 and integrating the exploration and self enquiry of yoga in both movement and breath.

I hope to help you become your own teacher, setting intentions and listening to what you truly need each time you practice yoga. Helping you to integrate your practice away from the mat and into your every day life.

The classes I offer will challenge strength, balance and improve flexibility. Giving you space to calm, to flow but also with fun and playfulness. There are so many benefits to taking up yoga. Of course physically you will feel stronger and more flexible. Yoga Supports and can help improve chronic injuries and pain. Helps to improve relaxation and stress release. Improved sleep patterns, a more efficient immune system. Yoga can help regulate hormone production, helps increase lung capacity, supports muscular system, lymphatic system and circulation!

My classes are for those of you who have never stepped onto a yoga mat before, as well as those of you who are developing your practice.

I have created a peaceful, safe and private space in a beautiful garden room which is the perfect space in which to deepen your yoga practice. I look forward to sharing some yoga with you soon.

‘ We are all individuals, so I make sure every therapy and yoga session is tailor made for you’.

Qualifications include..

500hr Hatha/vinyasa yoga instructor with The yoga alliance international.

50hr Yin yoga teacher training with hero yoga.



Diplomas in facial rejuvenation massage.

Diplomas in Soft tissue release and Muscle energy technique

Member of the association of reflexologists

Insured with Balens.